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Improve your sex life with confidence, consent, fun, and passion. 
While most so-called "seduction" manuals focus on tricking someone into sexytimes, this one assumes that a willing partner is around and your goal is to explore and learn ways to elevate your passion, with or without the specific, limited actions we tend to think of as sex. Written by two sexologists who have given a lot of thought to breaking away from standard heteronormative assumptions, this book makes no assumption about the genders of the reader or their partners. Includes tips on confidence, communicating about sex in a way that's actually sexy, creating hot emotional proximity, orgasms, fantasies, masturbation, handling rejection, and all sorts of touching, humping, kissing, licking, and penetration. Written directly using specific terminology, but doesn't come across as clinical, this is your guide to having extremely awesome sex in ways you'll never learn from movies or banter with friends.

344 pages (10.8 oz)
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