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When you're in the mood to take, maintain and definitely secure control over a cock of choice - whether it's been disobedient, too eager, or just craving some domination - chances are, you'll be looking for a tool that won't just give you a little control, but inescapable, securely locking, airport friendly control. This is that tool!

From Shots kink-ready collection, the ManCage 21 hands you and them a simple design that's easy to get into, but not so easy to get out of (without permission, that is). In soft, sexy, temperature sensitive black silicone, the 18 traps the entire shaft and tip in a smooth tamper-proof tube with only the smallest, teasingly inaccessible vents.

Full assembly instructions are included, along with four variously sized scrotum rings, lots of spacers, locking pins, five plastic lock tags and a classic padlock with two keys. Keep at least one of the keys in a very safe place, since the padlock definitely isn't the type that can be easily picked. As for that airport friendly point we made at the beginning, the individually numbered plastic tags that (probably) won't set off any alarms, so switch one up for the padlock when travelling.

In body safe silicone, the 21 is easy to clean using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam, but it can also be boiled or bleached (remove the plastic pieces first) for more thorough sterilization. 

* The 21's shaft cage measures about 4.5" (11.4cm) long and 1.7"/4.5cm in inner diameter. Rings measure 1.7"/4.5cm, 2"/5cm and 2.17"/5.5cm and 2.4"/6cm in diameter.