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No celebration is complete without the original Party Pecker! 

Slip these straws into your drinks for an erotic, naughty twist to your regular party.  These sipping straws feature a tip sculped to look, and feel, like a little pecker and pair of balls.  Slurp and suck your way through an evening of laughter with this 10-pack of penis party favours. 

These pecker straws come in 5 wild colours and with two of each, your guests can pair up and have a drinking partner!  Lick your lips, sip the tips and fill up on fun!  These straws are perfect for bachelorette parties, sleep-overs, spring break, or any special events that you think need some dicks.  

Get the party started with the cutest prick you’ll ever sip!

Key Features:

Pecker-Shaped Straws
10 in a Pack
Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple
2 of Each Colour
Fun Party Favour!
Great for Bachelorette Parties!


Length: 7.5 in.
Width: 0.75
Diameter: 0.25-0.75 in.