About Us

How did the Red Light District begin?

The path that led to the creation of the Red Light District began many years ago with our first ever trip to an adult store.  We remember looking around at everything on display and feeling overwhelmed with all the different types and varieties of toys.  Curiosities and fascinations at every turn.  The staff was very standoffish, at this point in time the internet wasn’t so readily available, making the experience confusing… but still fun and memorable.

Since then, we’ve been through more adult stores than we could possibly remember, always on the hunt for that next new item to add to our collection.  Whenever we found ourselves in an unfamiliar place, we always made it a point to check out what the adult stores in the area were like.  What they carried, what was different, what we had to have. 

Always having dreamed about opening a business, but never having the means or inspiration to follow through…  Inspiration finally came like a bolt of lightning, a dream manifesting into reality.  The Red Light District opened in February of 2021, proudly in Woodstock, Ontario.


Why choose the Red Light District?

We here at the Red Light District are on the same journey as our customers.  We are constantly striving for more and better for ourselves and our customers.  We believe in the products we sell and listen to what our customers needs are.  Any and all are welcome, both online and instore, to talk freely and have a truly unique customer experience. 

We have been on a journey of sexual self discovery and experimentation together for over a decade. It has brought happiness, passion, and pleasure into our relationship, but more importantly it has brought us together.  We welcome everyone to start their own journey and are here to help you along the way.