Anal Plug - Tailz - Fox Tail & Ear Set

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When the full moon rises, there's bound to be trouble of the best kind! Get ready to howl with this premium dress up (dress down, more like) set from Tailz. Inside, you and your victim, ahem, partner, will find a super sexy silicone plug in deep black. 


Now, the plug itself is pretty great on its own, classically shaped and mid-sized for a nice distinct stretch. The best part though, is definitely an extra long, ultra fluffy white fox tail that flows down from the base. It's made of faux fur, not to worry, but we definitely had to double check, because it feels very real. High quality faux sure!


That same white fluffiness also lines soft black ears on a sturdy headband. Can't fight the moonlight! 


*Tail is approximately 18" (45cm)


Length: 4.5"

Insertable Length: 3.8"

Girth: 4.75" at largest point

Width: 1.5" at largest point

Colour: Black, White