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This decadent body powder is a light and delicate treat that dusts the skin for one of a kind softness. A feather applicator helps you apply the  scented powder right where you want it leaving a silky glow. Perfect for finishing off your bath routine to lock in a light yet irresistible scent leaving you feeling soft, dry and soothed. As the powder has drying properties, it can be applied to prevent irritation caused by friction. Talc free. 


With Shunga's Sweet Snow Edible Body Powder you can make a sweet dessert out of your partner. Sprinkle this exciting flavor all over your partner's body and lick it all off or tease, tickle and please with the soft feather to make your partner shudder all over. Then, treat yourself to dessert for two! Comes in an 8 oz container, with edible body powder and feather. Washes off easily. Non-staining.


Lightly scented powder

Tastes and smells great

Feather included

Washes off easily



Proudly Made In Canada