Impact - Master Series - Stung Silicone Tawse

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Love the sound a great flogger makes when it comes in contact with a (consensual, of course) partner's skin? Can't get enough of perfect control and that sexy swish of stinging anticipation? If yes, you're going to want to take a good hard look at the Stung Silicone Tawse from the Master Series - and then buy it, probably!

In weighty red silicone, this double tailed flogger or tawse (an implement historically used for corporal punishment) features two flat prongs on a sturdy silicone wrapped base. It's capable of softer slaps, but this bdsm beauty truly shines in the intensity department. Give it a test swing to hear the powerful whistle of those red tails - then play accordingly!

The Tawse measures 15"/38.1cm long, and each tail is .75"/1.9cm