Impact - Rouge - Riding Crop With Wooden Handle in Red

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A soft-tipped piece of playtime perfection from Rouge, the Riding Crop with Wooden Handle features unique, user friendly styling and a forgiving touch that definitely packs the potential for more serious sting! To sum up: this beginner-geared bondage staple is great looking, ultra manageable, and made to complement zillions of sexy scenarios.

Tipped by a velvety suede strands anchored securely to a firm namesake wooded handle, the unyielding texture of the Riding Crop allows for precision maneuvering, tickling and teasing, or more enthusiastic flicks. A looped cord at the end of the handle keeps your/their tool close at all times.

The Riding Crop with Wooden Handle should be spot-cleaned as needed.

* The Riding Crop with Wooden Handle measures approximately 27"/68.6cm, excluding the wrist cord