Impact - Sportsheets - Saffron Die Cut Acrylic Spanker

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Like to leave an after-playtime impression on your partner? The totally unique Saffron Die-Cut Acrylic Spanker will do just that - we're talking literally and metaphorically. Featuring lots of precision and easily controlled firmness, the Spanker was specifically designed to reduce air resistance, delivering a firmer bite, a faster swing and more targeted hits. Yes, please!

Featuring a smooth vinyl handle complete with must-have wrist strap, you or your play partner will find it easy to keep the Saffron Die-Cut Acrylic Spanker close at hand (and close to spank-targets) no matter how wild things get. By the way, those perfect circle cut-outs will leave behind a pretty polka-dot pattern. Impression made!

In body safe acrylic along with PVC (handle) and nylon (wrist cord), the Saffron Die-Cut Acrylic Spanker should be spot cleaned as needed. You can use a favourite toy care fluid/foam, or some warm soapy water.

* The Saffron Die-Cut Acrylic Spanker is 13"/33.02cm long. The impact surface is 8"/20.32cm and the handle is 5"/12.7cm