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Sure, a sexy hookup offers up lots of hot, sweaty togetherness, but to make things even steamier, the Cosmo Vamp Harness literally hooks up to a ton of possible bondage gear, including cuffs, tethers, leashes and more. Plus, it's gorgeous, so there's that!

Slipping over your or their chest, the Harness buckles harness-style around your or their neck and around back - there's lots of room for adjustment, so finding the perfect fit is easy. Connect the three front placed O-rings with a favourite pair of cuffs for instant immobilization, or clip on a leash to keep them close at hand - the universal style will work with most play gear.

In low maintenance vinyl, the Vamp is easy to clean and made to last.


Bust - 34"- 36"

Waist - 26" - 31"