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GloFX Liquid X-Kaleidoscope Tube Toy

Large 7.5″ Trippy Kaleidoscope Tube Toy

Dual Liquid-glitter filled wands

High quality optical viewer

Oil filled Vision Wands, each featuring different colors and shapes to blow your mind!

Simply turn the Kaleidoscope to be see a beautiful display of color. No two are the same!

Durable and portable, take your kaleidoscope anywhere!

Try one Vision Wand, or experience the Ultimate Liquid X Kaleidoscope view with both!

Let the new Liquid X Kaleidoscope from GloFX take you to another dimension! Just turn this other-worldly kaleidoscope around and look through the eyepiece to see a never-ending symphony of shape and color.


Each of the liquid-filled Vision Wands contains a plethora of colorful stars, rainbows and moons, as well as colored beads to enhance the visual impact. The slow, flowing movement of these colors within the Vision Wand create a beautiful explosion of color that is sure to amaze and astound your friends and family. Every view through the GloFX Liquid X Kaleidoscope is different!


This Liquid Motion Kaleidoscope Tube from GloFX is great for girls, boys, and also makes a unique STEM Toy for Toddlers.


Experience the next evolution of the Kaleidoscope and pick up a Liquid X Kaleidoscope today!


Package contains:

One (1) GloFX Liquid X Kaleidoscope Tube

One (1) White Vision Wand

One (1) Green Vision Wand

Four (4) Rubber Spacers for Vision Wands