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As much fun as it can be to get playfully creative in the comfort of your own bedroom (or dungeon), sometimes, you might feel the need to venture out on the town with your fantasies. Wouldn't it be nice to have a fully stocked, travel-ready kit that includes everything you could ever need to have a bound-up good time with your partner? Good news, playful friends! That exact thing exists! The Unleashed Adventure Bondage Set from CalExotics is all packed up and ready to go.

Inside a handsome black poly case trimmed in leopard print, you'll find a perfect assembly of must-have bondage pieces, each fully capable of standing alone, but absolutely amazing when combined. A soft set of leopard print cuffs can be used to restrain wrists or ankles - try it out with an classic over-the-door set-up. There's a flogger and a paddle to try out if you're feeling particularly adventurous, as well as an adjustable collar and chain leash. A soft feather tickler rounds off the Set.

All this comes to you in that black case we mentioned at the beginning. Here's the best part of that case: it hangs! A sturdy loop appears when you open up the case. That loop secures over a door hook or hanger, displaying mesh pouches and velcro straps that hold the various playtime treasures inside.

All pieces of the Unleashed Surrender Bondage Set are in hand-washable poly fabric. Any metal accents are nickel free.

Double Sided Paddle
Feather Tickler
Adjustable Cuffs
Collar & Leash with Chain
Over The Door Restraint System
Roll Up Hanging Travel Case