Restraint - Ouch! - Glow In The Dark Bed Binding Restraints

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There are literally millions of places you and your partner could potentially play. Of course, some of those places may be (probably are!) less legal and/or socially acceptable than others, but our point is, when it comes to sex locations, you're really only limited by your imagination. Okay, and the law. Luckily, you won't need to take any indecent exposure risks with the Ouch! Glow In The Dark Bed Bindings Restraint Kit, because you'll be enjoying it in your very own bed!

This unique system comes packing all the beloved features of a classic bed bondage system, including adjustable tethers that connect to an adjustable under mattress strap, and four sturdy vegan leather cuffs. Simply slip the straps and tethers under any sized mattress to position the cuffs at the top and bottom of your bed and voila! You've just constructed your brand new glow in the dark bondage playground. Enjoy.