Sensory - Master Series - Kink Ingerno Drip Candles

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Adding some cheekiness and more than a hint of heat to your kinky endeavors, the Master Series Inferno Drip Candle Set will not only add a sexy, feverish glow to your bedroom/dungeon, it'll also let you drip, drizzle and dab hot wax to your (and your sub's) hearts content. Note: these do NOT go in your butt!

Shaped into classic butt plugs, each of three Inferno candles melt into a silky, moisturizing paraffin wax that holds heat extremely well. First, light the wick and set the candle somewhere safe for a few minutes. The low melting point (136-140F) will have your plug liquified in no time and ready to drip. Blow out the flame, test the temperature, and play away!

* Each candle is 4.3"/10.9cm long and 1.75"/4.4cm wide.