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Dive into the world of the Kraken with the Lovense Kraken Single Egg Masturbator. You can explore the pleasures of the deep blue sea, wherever you are.

The super soft material is highly flexible so you can stretch it up to 7.9 inches to achieve your preferred level of deep penetration and total stimulation. The mixture of softness and unique textures provides fantastic new sensations as you find your rhythm.

No matter how fast you twist or tug, the non-slip grip helps keep you going at the pace you need without fumbling. Packaged in a protective shell, you can discreetly take the Kraken wherever your adventure inspires. Designed to be pocket-sized, the shell pops open easily but also keeps things hidden in plain sight.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning your toy, it’s made to be one use so you can play and put away without hindering your experience. Whether you’re playing alone or with your partner, explore the ways that you can enjoy a voyage through the deep seas during foreplay or by providing new and enticing sensations for your partner.

Key Features: 

Super Soft Material
Highly Flexible
Non-Slip Grip
Single Use
Versatile Use
Easy to Transport
Suitable for Most Sizes
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


Stretched Length: Up to 7.9 in.
Stretched Diameter: Up to 3.9 in.
Height: 2.44 in.
Width: 2.04 in.